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3 easy steps to apply first

1. Add bot to your telegram

2. Apply filters at upwork you normally use and copy the URL link

3. Paste the upwork search URL or just enter a keyword

get notigications about new freelance jobs

Why using upworkee

The best chance for getting client's attention is to send your cover letter within an hour after the job was posted.

Clients will usually have a shortlist by then, and first set of shortlisted applicants will get interviewed and at least one will get hired.

Those who didn't make the cut might not be viewed at all no matter how good the profile is, because most of the cases clients don't go back to the user list anymore.

With notifications from our bot you will have an opportunity to be always in the shortlist and significantly increase chances to get hired.

First applicants get more clients' attention at Upwork - don't miss a new job posting

Select your plan

We have the following pricing plans. Please, select, what amount of searches you will need and how frequent you would like to get notified about the new upwork jobs.

  • 1 search
  • Every 15 mins update
  • 2 searches
  • Every 5 mins update
  • 3 searches
  • Every minute update




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